If you have made at least one or more revisions, follow these steps to compare revisions. If you have not yet made a revision, click here to learn how to create a revision.

  • Click Plans in the top navigation menu.

  • Find the plan that you would like to compare revisions. Click the number under the Number of Revisions column.

  • The option to compare revisions will be available if there were any data changes between your previous revision(s) and current version. Under Actions, click Compare to compare revisions.

  • The left-hand side WSMP is the current version, or newest version of your plan. 
  • The right-hand side WSMP is the version chosen for comparing, or the older version of your plan. 
  • The Set as Current button reverts your plan back to the older version. It also makes a new revision of what was current.  *Use caution before clicking Set as Current, as this will overwrite your current version.
  • There are three ways to compare your revisions including:
    1.  Selecting from the Scroll to difference dropdown menu
    2.  Clicking the Navigate Next or Previous button
    3.  Manually scrolling through each WSMP version

1. Selecting from the Scroll to difference dropdown menu 

  • Click the dropdown menu to see all of the different revisions. Click a revision to compare.

  •  LegiDoc will automatically navigate to the section selected in both versions of the WSMP. Any differences between the versions will be highlighted in yellow. 

2. Clicking the Navigate Next or Previous button

  • Click the Next button to go to the next revision in ascending order. Click the Previous button to go back to a previous revision in descending order.

3. Manually scrolling through each WSMP version

  •  Manually scroll through each version by using the up and down arrows at the top of the versions, use the scroll bar on the right-hand side of each version, or use your mouse scroll wheel while hovering over a version.