LegiDoc water safety and management plans include all the information you need to manage and reduce risk from Legionella in a building water system and comply with ASHRAE Standard 188:

  1. Background information: Legionnaires’ disease, Legionella, other waterborne pathogens, risk management and terminology.
  2. Control limits, validation points, and monitoring requirements for water systems
  3. Facility information, risk assessment and ASHRAE188 compliance survey every building owner is required to update annually.
  4. Program team members and verification and validation activities to assess if the plan is being implemented (verification) and to determine that Legionella is being controlled (validation). 
  5. Detailed information on building water systems including process flow diagrams, hazard assessment, control locations, control limits and monitoring methods to assist in managing Legionella risk, and corrective actions.
  6. General contingency procedures for responding to a case of Legionnaires’ disease, information on addressing new construction or renovation and respond to unplanned water interruptions; documentation requirements, fillable logs, and selected publications that support the recommendations in the plan; and research articles pertaining to Legionella.