• All information in your LegiDoc plan can be edited in Step 3 Review. 

  • Click the + plus sign to expand the section information. 

  • Now click the pencil icon to open the editor.

  •  Make your edits by adding or removing text. Always make sure to click the Save button to save your edits. If you want to cancel editing a section, click the Cancel button.

  •   When editing section information, you will have access to a text editor with controls including: new document, undo, redo, cut, copy, paste, select all, view source code, insert tables, and formatting text. 

  • We recommend that you do not change the system variables such as {{$facilityName}} for example. These variables are special code that pulls in your facility's name or other information relevant to your facility. Changing these variables will cause this information to not display properly in your published WSMP.

Reset to SPL Default text

  •  If for any reason you need to reset this section's information back to the original default information, simply click Reset to SPL Default and then click Save

Hiding and unhiding sections

  • To hide an entire section of information. click the green eye icon located to the right of the section name. The section name will change to "Hidden Part" to indicate this this part of the section is hidden in your WSMP. The eye will also change to a blue color with a \ backslash through it.   


  • To unhide a section, click the blue slash eye icon to make this section visible again.