There are two ways to purchase WICRA either through your Plans dashboard or when editing your plan.

1. Plans Dashboard

  • The first way to purchase WICRA is to click Plans in the top navigation menu. 

  •  Under the Actions menu, click Purchase WICRA. Only Pro and Open LegiDoc plans are eligible to purchase WICRA.

  • If applicable, enter a discount code. Click the Continue button. 

  • Enter a payment method and then click Continue.


  • Enter a billing address and then click Continue.

  • Verify your order summary information and then click Pay Now.

  • The WICRA column in the Plans dashboard indicates whether you have purchased WICRA for this plan.

  • WICRA is now available for use in  Step 2. Enter Data after the Additional Images section.

2. Editing your plan

  • The second way to purchase WICRA  is during Step 2 Enter Data. From the Additional Images section, click Next.

  •  A pop-up box will open asking if you would like to purchase WICRA. Click Purchase WICRA. Proceed through the checkout process.